The following links will redirect you to other websites related to our church, ministry, or denomination. Feel free to check out these other departments to learn more!

National Association of Free Will Baptist (NAFWB)

NAFWB website provides further information about our denomination concerning its rich heritage and the current kingdom work Free Will Baptists are accomplishing around the world for the cause of Christ.

North Carolina Association of Free Will Baptist (NCFWB)

The NCFWB website provides information about our the North Carolina Association of Free Will Baptist. The state association of churches works together to accomplish God’s kingdom work in the state of North Carolina.

Free Will Baptist North American Ministries

The North American Ministries department is the agency that serves to plant and revitalize churches in North America.

IM., Inc.

IM., Inc. (formerly known as International Missions) is the department that works to send missionaries and plant new churches in foreign countries around the world.

Welch College

Welch College is owned and operated by the National Association of Free Will Baptists and is governed by a board of trustees elected by that association. The college subscribes to the beliefs and practices set forth in the Free Will Baptist Treatise. Welch College seeks to train men and women in biblical thought and life for the purpose of serving Christ.

Southeastern Free Will Baptist College

The purpose of Southeastern Free Will Baptist Bible College is to train students for church-related ministries.

Free Will Baptist Theological Commission

The five-member Commission for Theological Integrity is an official agency of the National Association of Free Will Baptists. Formed in 1959 to resist the effects of Protestant liberalism, the commission is tasked with safeguarding the theological direction of the denomination through awareness of and education on theological issues.